Bushfire Assessment Victoria

Australia is currently facing one of its biggest challenges in modern history – bushfires. As seen by the events of recent years, it is now more important than ever to prepare and plan effectively. With an aim to ensure your personal safety, we offer management, planning and a thorough bushfire assessment service across Victoria.

Keystone Alliance Bushfire Assessments are an accredited organisation that identify and analyse key areas that are most at risk to fire exposure. Our staff have more than 40 years of experience in the building industry and gained official status as bushfire consultants in 2010.

A professional assessments can help to determine your level of fire risk and work to create an effective mitigation strategy moving forward. If you have concerns or simply want peace of mind, don’t hesitate to contact the Keystone Alliance Bushfire Assessments team today.

Bushfire Safety Consulting

Keystone Alliance Bushfire Assessments provide precise, quick and accurate evaluations to give you a clear picture of exactly where you stand. Our planning and design services are conducted by experienced bushfire consultants and available for an affordable fee.

We offer three major forms of bushfire safety consulting

BMS (Bushfire Management Statements) – Applying for a planning permit

BMP (Bushfire Management Plans) – Planning Permit

BEP (Bushfire Emergency & Evacuation Plan) – Planning Permit for assembly buildings if they do not meet the criteria of BAL12.5

Accredited FPAA Bushfire Consultant

The FPAA (Fire Protection Association Australia) is the peak national body for fire safety in Australia. As an organisation, we are proud to operate as a registered FPAA bushfire consultant group. To discuss your situation with our Level 2 Accredited Practitioners, contact us now via this link.

Fast quotes are available for all customers in Victoria.