Bushfire Management Victoria

A BMP or ‘Bushfire Management Plan’ is one of the most important forms of bushfire safety consulting. If your property is located in thick forest or it has been identified as an area of risk, we highly recommend that you reach out to us for assistance.

Within this plan, a bushfire management consultant can outline all the measures that need to be taken to protect your property. This will also involve a strategy to reduce fire risk and ultimately lower the risk to an appropriate level.

Keystone Alliance Bushfire Assessments are comprised of professionals with years of experience. Within our team, we have Accredited Thermal Performance Assessors with a Cert IV in Energy Ratings. This expertise allows us to offer clear advice and complete all the documentation required.

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Get an Affordable Bushfire Management Overlay Reports

If you own land that may be at risk from bushfire, we can complete quick and affordable Bushfire Management Overlay Reports (BMO). Bushfire Management Overlay Reports include Hazard Assessment (BAL), Landscape Assessment, Bushfire Management Plans (BMP) and Bushfire Emergency Plans (BEP). This service covers planning permits such as 13.02, 44.06, ad 53.02. As outlined by the Victorian State Government, a BMO is most applicable for areas and regions determined to be at an extreme risk level. Bushfire Management Overlay Reports are particularly important if you are seeking to develop or subdivide a property within a high risk area.

Other specialist services that we offer include

  • Subdivisions in Bushfire Prone areas (DBPA) Clause 13.02
  • Bushfire Vegetation Management
  • Bushfire Defendable Space (Defendable Space is an area around the building where vegetation is maintained to very low fuel levels).

As accredited consultants since 2010, we can also help you to formulate a bushfire management statement. Our Victoria wide service is affordable, quick and precise. Contact us for a free and fast quote today.


  • BMO Image 1

    Bushfire Management Overlay

    Bushfire Management Overlays are areas identified in planning schemes within each of the Local Government Areas of Victoria that are deemed to have high fire risk. These areas are subject to particular planning and building controls.

  • BMS

    Bushfire Management Statements

    Planning applications within BMO or WMO overlays.

  • BAL image1

    Bushfire Attack Level

    In the Australian Standards As 3959, they have classified different bushfire intensity levels that a home may experience during a bushfire. These are referred to as Bushfire Attack Levels, or BAL’s for short.